Di. Jun 18th, 2024

• ChainwireFTC, a nationally renowned and award-winning Inspection and Engineering business for nearly 30 years, has announced the use of the ReserveBlock RBX Network protocol to tokenize their paperwork, lab tests and files.
• Clients and construction departments of FTC will now be able to confirm documents, test results, and inspection findings directly from FTC through its current client portal.
• FTC’s integration with the RBX Network will give all work products an authentic and verified signature, eliminating any uncertainty regarding their authorship.

ChainwireFTC Integrates Blockchain Technology

Los Angeles based engineering firm ChainwireFTC has announced its integration with the ReserveBlock RBX Network (reserveblock.io) protocol in order to tokenize their paperwork, lab tests, and files on-chain.

Benefits To Clients & Construction Departments

As a result of this integration, clients and construction departments of FTC will now be able to obtain relevant files directly from FTC without using a third party service as well as have access to transparently check all work products made by FTC on the RBX chain. Additionally, clients can now verify documents, test results, and inspection findings through its current client portal with an authentic signed verification from FTC.

Hosting Its Own Beacon On The RBX Network

Although already a member of the Validator network, the FTC will additionally host its own Beacon on the RBX network to keep data solely for its intended receivers in order to provide more security for clients.

Advancement Of The Company Without In House Blockchain Engineers

The vice president of the firm Michael Marchese believes that using the RBX on-chain tools will enable them to advance their company without having to bring in-house blockchain engineers while they plan ahead adding additional features that aid in developing solutions for their clients as this technology develops further.

About ChainwireFTC

ChainwireFTC is owned and operated by professional engineers with over 50 years of experience providing a wide range of engineering services such as special inspection services adhering to local and national code standards as well as being a fully licensed accredited laboratory performing in-house testing on all construction materials used in projects across multiple industries throughout North America

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