So. Mai 26th, 2024

• The UK property market has outperformed Bitcoin in terms of yearly returns.
• Property is seen as a safe and solid asset, however it can be difficult to pay off mortgages during economic turbulence.
• Bitcoin provides more options when it comes to investments over a long term period.

UK Property Outperforms Bitcoin

The UK property market has posted a strong and steady performance in recent years, with house prices rising 10.4% more than the previous year while Bitcoin dropped by 40.9%. Alice Bullard, Managing Director at Nested, an estate agent said that despite economic headwinds dampening the rate of house price growth towards the end of 2022, the UK property market had still outperformed crypto coins on an annual basis.

Property as a Safe Asset

With all this history of price rises and a market that seems impervious to major economic shocks, many people are drawn to buying a house for its perceived stability and safety. It is seen as a solid asset which can be used to pass down through generations or used as collateral for loans or investments.

Economic Turbulence

However, when economic turbulence becomes ever more painful to live with people could be forced to adapt quickly to sudden changes in employment and prices along with other factors. Having most of one’s wealth tied up in a 25-year mortgage may not be the best strategy for such situations.

Options Provided by Bitcoin

When it comes to investing over long term periods bitcoin offers options which could prove beneficial depending on certain conditions such as bear markets or bull runs – something which may not be available if you have invested solely in real estate or stocks & shares instead.


Ultimately it is up to each individual investor what they choose to invest their money into but considering both long-term trends plus short-term movements should help ensure you make educated decisions about where your money goes!

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