Mi. Jul 24th, 2024

• Choise.com and the Vienna Vikings have formed an exclusive partnership to encourage cryptocurrency adoption among football fans around the world.
• The Viennese club has achieved great success in the European League of Football, having won the Austrian Bowl 15 times and Eurobowl title 5 times.
• This collaboration will bring Choise.com into the American football space, creating mutually beneficial opportunities for both parties.

Choise.com Forms Exclusive Partnership With Vienna Vikings

Choise.com, a gateway crypto platform blending CeFi and DeFi in one concept, has revealed their exclusive partnership with the ELF (European League of Football) champions Vienna Vikings. The effort is intended to encourage cryptocurrency adoption among numerous fans of American football around the world and marks Choise.com’s active involvement in the sports industry.

Vienna Vikings: A Force To Be Reckoned With

The Vienna Vikings have dominated American football in Austria for two decades now, having won 15 national Austrian Bowls as well as five Eurobowl titles from 2004 to 2013 and most recently claiming victory in 2022’s Championship Game against Hamburg Sea Devils with a score of 27-15. They are currently leading this year’s ELF season standings ahead of matchups against Raiders Tirol and Panthers Wroclaw, all thanks to their 4 consecutive wins over Berlin Thunder, Prague Lions, Leipzig Kings, and Fehervar Enthroners teams at this point. Furthermore, their youth development program has produced some big names such as Bernhard Raimann (OL Indianapolis Colts) and Bernhard Seikovits (TE Arizona Cardinals), who are currently shining in NFL teams. All these factors combined resulted in making Vienna Vikings suitable partners for Choise.com when entering into the thriving American football space.

Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Choise’s alliance with Vienna Vikings promises mutual benefits for both parties – on one hand it gives them access to a passionate fanbase while on another it provides them with an opportunity to spread awareness about digital assets by joining forces with leading brands from multiple sectors like sports industry etc., thus helping Choise onboard even more users worldwide than ever before – over 1 million users have already been registered from over 170 countries so far!

Encouraging Crypto Adoption Worldwide

This unique partnership between Choise and Vienna Vikings seeks to push forward crypto adoption across different communities worldwide by bringing together passionate sports enthusiasts with digital asset holders while also leveraging each other’s respective strengths – Choise’s experience regarding payments processing plus its cutting-edge technology solutions complemented by Viking’s robust fan base make it much easier for people outside of crypto space to become knowledgeable about blockchain technology which is essential for further development of our society today .


​ ​              In conclusion , this newly forged alliance between Choise & Viennese club is set out not only to bolster awareness about cryptocurrencies but also create new opportunities that can benefit both sides involved . Moreover , by involving itself in a variety sport activities , especially those centered around US football , Choises hopes that this strategic move will help popularize digital assets even more & attract even more people from all walks of life towards cryptocurrency ecosystem .

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